Time Duration Calculator

Our free time duration calculator allows you to calculate the number of hours and minutes between two times.

What is Time Duration Calculator?

The time duration calculator is an online tool that calculates the duration between two given times. Also, it gives duration results in hours and minutes. Mostly, it is used to find the time duration between tasks or events.

For example, the project presentation starts at 03:00 PM and ends at 06:45 PM. Calculate how long it will take. In this case, you can simply enter the start and end time in our calculator and get the duration result (3 hours, 45 minutes) within a second. Similarly, you can use our tool for many other real-life use cases.

How does the Time Duration Calculator Work?

  1. First of all, enter the start time and end time in hours and minutes.
  2. Now select AM or PM based on the time frame.
  3. Press the Calculate button.
  4. As a result, you will get the total number of hours and minutes between the start time and end time.
  5. Also, our tool shows the total minutes and seconds in the output area.